Mission at Kern County

Welcome to the Mission at Kern County.

Just like YOU, we love our community and we care about the people living in it.

Donate today by giving online or goods by calling (661) 325-0863.

Help break the cycle.

Tonight in Bakersfield, many of our neighbors will go to bed hungry, homeless and hopeless.


for 17 meals + care


for 33 meals + care


for 49 meals + care

No one wants to see people living on the streets.

Make a difference!

Ways to help

Ways to Help

Volunteer, Mentor, or simply make a donation of clothing to support those in need within the community.



Read about changed lives and the restoring of hope of those at The Mission.



Your donation will provide much-needed food, shelter, care and more.



Check out our calendar of events for special guests, BBQ’s and more!

Restoring hope and transforming lives one story at at time.

Changed lives...because of YOU!

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A message from our director - Carlos Baldovinos.

“I’ve said it before, and by God’s grace I’ll say it again, but . . . the generosity and compassion found in our community never ceases to amaze me. I could not be more grateful for what you’ve allowed us to accomplish this year…”

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