Transforming Lives

The Mission at Kern County is the community’s largest provider of emergency shelter services. Providing comprehensive care to those experiencing homelessness. We serve three meals every day, offer a safe place to sleep, and provide access to hygienic services including showers and medical care.

Homeless Services

Providing basic living requirements for the homeless. The Mission at Kern County prides itself on taking care of those who need it most. From fresh meals to warm clothing, we do our best to take care of our homeless community and prepare them for the world ahead.


The Mission at Kern County’s residential Christian Life Discipleship Program is an intense, in-depth, 12-month plan designed to help men and women experience completes transformation. Helping rebuild lives on a solid biblical foundation, and lasting solutions.

Women with Children

Women can recover from addictions while keeping their children close. Women can embrace their children after an exhausting day of physical and emotional recovery. We empower moms and release them into the world as a productive member of our community.

After-Care Living

After graduation, men and women can apply to our “after care living program.” During a 1 year period, graduates continue to live at the Mission as they seek permanent employment, save money, look for affordable house and continue their education or vocational training.

Focusing On

– Recovery/Bible Classes
– Personal Counseling
– Work Therapy
– Education

– Marriage & Family
– Addiction Education
– Anger Management
– Vocational Training
– Physical Fitness

– Comm. Church Involvement
– Financial Planning
– Grief & Loss Classes
– Financial Planning

The Requirements

– Education and Vocational Training: 200 hours
– Bible/Recovery Classes: 144 hours
– Biblical 12-Step Program: 36 hours
– Work Therapy: 1,000 hours
– Sunday Church Attendance: 36 weeks
– Individual Counseling: 18 hours
– Physical Fitness: 200 hours
– Spiritual Devotions: 72 hours

Our Goal

– Remain drug and alcohol free, by random drug testing.
– Documentation of employment and housing.
– Resolution of legal, health, dental, and mental health.
– Reconciliation with family.