Mission at Kern County

Maria's Story

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Maria was forced to grow up too fast. A friend of the family sexually abused her at a young age, and she struggled to feel safe.

“I tried to tell my mom what had happened,” she says, “but she never believed me. She thought I was telling lies.”

Without anyone to protect her, Maria started making dangerous choices as she struggled to cope with the trauma of her abuse.

“I wanted to be an adult because my childhood was so bad… I wanted to drink and do drugs and just not think about what had happened to me.”

Sadly, over the years, Maria’s addiction further isolated her… including from her husband and children who tried to help her. “Eventually, my family wanted nothing to do with me.”

Burdened with loneliness, Maria considered ending her life. “I was crying out to God… I was tired of the life I was living.”

Maria’s husband brought her to The Mission at Kern County, where she took the first brave step toward restoring her life.

“Coming to the Mission is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

In our discipleship program, Maria discovered a supportive, family-like environment to encourage her on her journey to recovery. Through classes and Bible study, she’s been able to process through some of the grief of her past… and find peace and healing through God’s love!

“Now I talk to God every day… and I recently got baptized! I know God has good plans for my life,” she says.

Today, Maria is looking forward to starting college classes to become a certified childcare worker, and she’s back in contact with her family again.

With Jesus’ love in her heart and hope for the future, Maria is grateful for your support this Easter. “The Mission saved my life… They gave me a second chance… and they walked with me like family.”

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