Men, Women & Children Discipleship

Working Together

The Mission at Kern County offers an 12-month Christian Life Training Discipleship Program. Residents live in dormitory style housing in two separate buildings.

More than 30 residents in each program are provided Christian counseling, spiritual based addiction recovery, and access to life skills training and job readiness skills. Our goal is to provide each resident with restoration and hope, and strong foundation for a successful future.


After the successful completion of 18 months in the Christian Life Discipleship residential program, men and women celebrate their graduation and begin the transition to independent living.

The Lee and Krystyna Jamieson Recovery Home for Women with Children

The Mission at Kern County introduced “The Lee & Krystyna Recovery Home for Women with Children” on May 3rd, 2018. This is a safe, 34 bed living environment that allows mothers to go through an 18-month recovery program while keeping their children with them. It is our goal to help them get out of unhealthy environments then give them the tools they need to provide for themselves and their families.

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