Thank You for Restoring This Family!

Because of your prayers and support, Cynthia and Leonard have a renewed marriage and restored relationships with their daughters. Ashe is closer with family than she’s ever been. May God bless you for making this incredible story possible. If you would like to help others like Cynthia, Leonard, and Ashe donate today!

Ashe, Cynthia, and Leonard, were experiencing victory at the Mission, their niece Ashe was falling deeper into addiction. Filled with doubt about God’s love and His willingness to forgive her sin, she had used drugs to numb her pain — only to become trapped in an abusive relationship.

But at her lowest point, and on the verge of suicide, she felt God telling her to return home to her parents, a place she hadn’t stayed in a long time. “When I got there, my dad ordered me into his truck . . . picked up Aunt Cynthia . . . and they brought me to the Mission.” Ashe was stunned by the change that had come over her aunt. “We’d never been close or friendly — we both always had too much to hide. But now she was glowing and encouraging me.”

An even bigger surprise was waiting for her at the Mission: “We got here and there was Uncle Leonard — smiling and happy like I’d never seen. I could tell God had changed both of them, and it renewed my hope.”

So Ashe too began the recovery journey here — and today, she is also a new creation, walking in close fellowship with the Lord.

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